Upcoming Events


This Saturday July 30th! 5pm-9pm

Kids will get Rhollwooded Carpet Photos taken, Make their very own Movie Star for their bedroom door at home. Have an all you can eat Pizza buffet and sit back with some popcorn and watch some movie shorts.

Spots are still available for your little actors and actresses!

Call us at 208. 381-0587 to reserve your spot today! 

We have a few camps left with spots available!

YourAgents kids can become Secret Agents and learn how to decipher codes, challenge themselves in self defense lessons, face their fears on the zipline or warped wall, and create their own secret identity.

Secret Agent Camp runs August 1st- 5th. 


Ninja Skills, Nun-chNinjaucks, and Stealth Missions are just some of this skills your little ninjas will learn this week. They will even get a chance to make their own marshmellow shooter!           Ninja Camp runs August 15th – 19th. 

For more informations about camps or to get registered call 208. 381-0587


We will have no camps running on August 22nd and 23rd.


Cosmic Ropes & Dart Tagcosmicrope

Release your inner Indiana Jones on these 20 foot high rope bridges. If that’s not enough thrill, enter the Cosmos where everything is lit solely by blacklights and disco lights. (RSVP Required)

Experience the Ropes Course in a totally different fashion. We’re talking about in the dark, blacklights, disco lights, and funky music. As if the Ropes Course wasn’t challenging enough, right?

Along with your Cosmic Ropes experience, you’ll enjoy a fun and upbeat environment. The Flatbread cafe’ & coffee bar will be open and we’ll be serving paninis, wraps, flatbread pizza, smoothies, mocha’s, latte’s until 10 pm.