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weigthlossEarn Your Turkey Fitness Challenge

September 8th, we kick off one of our most popular fitness challenges of the year. It’s the Earn Your Turkey Challenge.

Appropriately named for earning your right to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner guilt free. And, if you achieve the best results from the challenge, you’ll earn (win) an organic turkey. fitness challenge

Here’s what you can expect

Day 1
Orientation to the program. You’ll learn all about our philosophy on nutrition and increasing your metabolism. We’ll provide you with food logs, coaching and support. Then, we’ll give you a manual that will have all the information you need to help you understand and keep you on track.

We’ll also be doing baseline physical testing so that we can see your improvements in strength and cardio conditioning. In addition to the physical test, we’ll also do a body composition to see how much lean muscle mass you have and what your percent body fat is. Then, we’ll test you again in 1 month to ensure you’re on track, and again at the very end.

Day 2-77
You’re going to do 3 things consistently:
1. Spartan SGX- This is your strength and conditioning class. This is the class that creates that shapely physique with firm, strong muscles.

2. Fitness Kickboxing- This class allows you to kick and punch your way to cardio nirvana. You’ll sweat like crazy and burn anywhere from 700 to 1200 calories, depending on your body type and exertion level.

3. Nutrition- As previously mentioned, we’re going to teach you our method, then hold you accountable with food logs that will be turned in every week. We like to use the old adage, where performance is measured, performance improves. So, not only will you learn the right way to get the body you want, we’re going to make sure you stick to the plan.

Hemly Earn Your Turkey
Check out the 2014 winner!
Jenny Hemly, a Boise resident.
Drop in Bodyfat: 7.39%
Increase in Push Ups: 20
Increase in Sit Ups: 16

Here’s the exciting part! The top 5 runner ups were just behind Jenny. In other words, there are a lot of people in the program that experience awesome results. It’s not a “Result Aren’t Typical” promotion we’re running:).


Check out the 2013 winner!Scudder Earn Your Turkey
Derik Scudder, a Boise resident.
Drop in Bodyfat: 7.2%
Increase in Push Ups: 23
Increase in Sit Ups: 18

Now, for the bad news.

There are a lot of people who need our program, and are committed to their success. Then, there are a lot of people who want the benefits of our program, and are not committed to their success. Unfortunately, we can’t help those people who aren’t committed. The truth is, if you’re not willing to take step number 1 (being committed and serious about your success), then you’ll never take step number 2 (doing what needs to get done).

Now, for the good news.

We’re going to get right to work after Labor Day. It’s the last holiday of the summer season, kids are in school, and it’s a perfect time to get down to business.

And, for the details…
When: Tuesday, Sept. 8 is kickoff!
Time: 6-8 pm
What: 11 week fitness & nutrition challenge, aka, Earn Your Turkey
Where: Bodies in Motion
Class Times: Mon-Fri. 5:50 am, 9:15 am, 12:15 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm (no 7 pm on Fri.)
Sat. 9 am & 10 am
Tuition: $272.25

More good news…
If you begin this program with your hubby or sweetie pie, we’ll give them 50% off tuition. But, there are rules… you must be having relations with this person, and live under the same roof;).

Now for the scary news.

We have a capacity on this program of 50. Once they’re filled up, the program is closed. So, don’t wait to register! If you have questions, please email us at help@bodiesinmotionidaho.com

It’s time to register for our after school program!afterschool

Join the After/Before School Program that kids from a a dozen elementary schools participate in and LOVE! Adventure, health, education, and movement are the principles that Bodies in Motion is built upon and is why kids love coming here.

Cosmic Ropes & Dart Tagcosmicrope

Release your inner Indiana Jones on these 20 foot high rope bridges. If that’s not enough thrill, enter the Cosmos where everything is lit solely by blacklights and disco lights. (RSVP Required)

Experience the Ropes Course in a totally different fashion. We’re talking about in the dark, blacklights, disco lights, and funky music. As if the Ropes Course wasn’t challenging enough, right?

Along with your Cosmic Ropes experience, you’ll enjoy a fun and upbeat environment. The Flatbread cafe’ & coffee bar will be open and we’ll be serving paninis, wraps, flatbread pizza, smoothies, mocha’s, latte’s until 10 pm.