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FitnessEvery January, we launch the Happy New Rear fitness challenge. We’re so confident in the outcome of the program that we offer a DOUBLE your money back guarantee. However, there is a catch. You have to show up! Duh, right?

There’s also another catch… we would prefer 90% of the public to go to a big box gym with the rest of Boise, and not come to Bodies in Motion. The 10% that we’re looking for would find themselves in alignment with the following ten statements.

1. You are serious about change.

2. You’re not coming to our program to find a date, because most of us are taken.

3. You will be open to our nutritional philosophy, and ready to make changes in the kitchen. On a side note, we won’t starve you or encourage you to eat like a rabbit, either.

4. You’re not coming to our program to show off how tight your butt already looks, because we don’t care.

5. You want an environment where people and instructors know your name. Kind of like Cheers, but instead of drinking beers, you’re sweating with peers.

6. You want an environment where you know you will NOT be judged.

7. You want a program that has coaches who are available to teach, guide, and hold you accountable to reaching your fitness goals.

8. Let’s be honest… you want your honey to see you getting in the shower and say, “Dang!!! You’re looking smokin’ hot!”

9. Let’s be real… you want to look in the mirror and say, “Dang!!! You’re looking smokin’ hot!”

10. You’re willing to commit to a 3 month training program that yields an average percent body fat drop of 8%. Depending on body types, that’s anywhere from 10 to 30 lbs of pure fat loss.

If you CANNOT agree with all 10 of these, our program is not a good fit for you. We’ve been at this since 1998, and have helped thousands of people. Trust us, we know our clientele.

Before we send you to our registration page, we’d like to provide one more barrier. We’re sorry, but we’re really shooting for that particular 10% of the population and want to be sure we’re enrolling the right person.

We’d like to send you to our website where you can read some real stories, check out some before and after pictures, and learn more about the details of our Happy New Rear challenge.


Here’s to a New Rear!


Ninja Warrior Competition January 22!UNAA Logo

Got skills? How about balance, agility, strength, and finesse? Let’s see you put your ninja skills to the test in this UNAA sanctioned Ninja Warrior competition. And, if your skills prove worthy, you’ll qualify for a regional event, then have the opportunity to win $10,000 at the national championships.

What: Ninja Warrior Competition
When: Friday, January 22 (6-10 pm)
Where: Bodies in Motion
Who: male and females 18 years old and up
Entry Fee: $39
Required UNAA Membership: $25 (Valid for all UNAA sanctioned events and required in order to compete for $10,000)

Cosmic Ropes & Dart Tagcosmicrope

Release your inner Indiana Jones on these 20 foot high rope bridges. If that’s not enough thrill, enter the Cosmos where everything is lit solely by blacklights and disco lights. (RSVP Required)

Experience the Ropes Course in a totally different fashion. We’re talking about in the dark, blacklights, disco lights, and funky music. As if the Ropes Course wasn’t challenging enough, right?

Along with your Cosmic Ropes experience, you’ll enjoy a fun and upbeat environment. The Flatbread cafe’ & coffee bar will be open and we’ll be serving paninis, wraps, flatbread pizza, smoothies, mocha’s, latte’s until 10 pm.