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Rachel Ninja ObstacleGet ready to inject some excitement into your training! Fitness training is supposed to build core strength, joint mobility and stability, flexibility, power, and killer cardio. And, the process doesn’t need to be a monotonous chore.

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Whatever your reason for training, Obstacle Fit is an exciting way to get you into stellar shape. Whether you do Spartan races, mud runs, color runs, glow runs, or the do run run, we’ve created workouts for you that don’t suck and we do them with people that are amazing. You simply just need a desire to want to get fit using non-conventional methods with a super fun group of people.

For Non-Competitors

Michelle Obstacle Spartan Tractor Pull 1You don’t need to be competitive to do Obstacle Fit. The biggest question we get is, “Do I have to be in amazing shape to do this class?” If only we had a dollar for every time that question was asked. Most people who join our programs do so with the idea that they will NEVER do something competitive, like a Spartan Race. But, here’s what happens… a lot of these same people, in which one was 70 lbs overweight, starts to get strong, lean, light, and agile. Now, they start to wonder if they could actually do something competitive.

It’s an exciting process that takes place, because you may have been competitive, once a upon a time. To have that feeling that you’re strong, flexible, and agile again is pretty empowering. Even if you never run a race, you feel absolutely amazing and confident in your skin.

For CompetitorsTraverse Wall Spartan Right & Wrong

The training is all the same. The only difference is the mindset. Now, you’re becoming hyper sensitive to those little details that help you conserve energy on a course. Our highly experienced coaches know exactly what it takes be successful. We focus on everything from energy system development to techniques to help you conquer.

When: Monday & Wednesday at 7 pm and Sunday mornings (Sunday times & location varies based on weather conditions)
Tuition: $69 /mo. or $72 for an 8 pass punch card                                           Ages: 14  years old and up

Now, we’d rather you come and try our class and see for yourself. We’d like to extend you a 3 Day Trial Offer for $19. Simply fill out the web form below to get started.

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