Ninja Totz

Class Description: Strong Totz is a program specifically designed to develop foundational skills for coordination, balance, agility, focus, and core strength, in a manner that will be insanely exciting for parents and kiddos!

Strong Totz will train kids in the “big leagues” with various sports. Every week, your child will be an athlete in a different sport. For instance, week 1 kiddos will be soccer players. Week 2, they will be baseball players, and so on.

When & Time:

Mondays at 6pm

(Starting March 2014 we will cancel the current program for revamping!)

Tuition: $49 /month

To schedule a FREE introductory class, call 381-0587 and choose option 2 for Martial Arts & Group Fitness Programs

Stay tuned for more exciting programs such as Beginner Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Sport Agility Training, and much, much, more to come…