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Confidence is the one character trait that a preschooler CANNOT go without. In fact, studies have shown that a confident student will:

1. Not shy away from challenges.
2. Stand up to bullies.
3. Stand up for others.
4. Approach their teacher when they have questions.
5. Present in front of their class or read aloud with more ease.
6. Learn at a faster rate because they believe in themselves.

There are several ways that we instill confidence in our preschool students. First of all, we make kindergarten readiness our top priority. If we can give our preschool students the tools to be successful, then we’re setting them up to be a star in their class.

With the right tools, our preschool students will be ahead of the game on their first day of kindergarten. As we all know, entering a new environment can be daunting. And, we all know that when we enter a new environment, even as adults, we always feel way better about ourselves when we know what to expect.

  • Bodies in Motion is Kindergarten Ready!
  • Recognize rhyming sounds
  • Recognize authority
  • Understand cause and effect
  • Manage bathroom needs
  • Understanding times of day
  • Button shirts, pants, coats
  • Cut with scissors
  • Control of oneself
  • Trace basic shapes
  • Speak understandably
  • Social interaction skills
  • Form sentences of 5 to 6 words
  • Write their first name
  • Recognizing sight words like “stop”
  • Start to follow rules
  • Sort objects by color, size, and shape

Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727) was a brilliant man. So brilliant, that we adopted his 1st Law of Motion as the name of our organization, and the philosophy driving the physical aspect of our preschool curriculum. Your child will also have the opportunity to participate in our martial arts program, for FREE, simply by being a part of our preschool program!

Cool Preschool Experiences

Not only do we believe that “A body in motion, will stay in motion, unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force”, but that a brain will do the same thing.

And, if we can teach a child through activities, experiences, and field trips we will all watch your child grow leaps and bounds in kindergarten preparedness.

Our most important goal is to serve the needs of your child while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Emphasis is placed on a caring and loving environment away from home. Your child will feel comfortable, needed, accepted and most of all loved. Bodies in Motion will implement a value-based curriculum.

Loving Preschool Teachers

Our Bodies in Motion teachers are highly dedicated and appropriately educated in order to provide our children with the ultimate care.

Children should have FUN! And, children should experience MOTION! Experts believe that preschool aged children learn the most through play. These years are so short and the children will soon be exposed to a much more structured form of learning. Your child’s day will be filled with a curriculum that encourages them to become confident, independent learners.

Our teachers strive to ensure that your child will have a rich supplement of science, art, reading, math and social skills. We are committed to enriching children’s lives socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically in an atmosphere that enhances creativity and self-confidence.

We understand how children learn and develop. Our curriculum is designed with developmentally appropriate activities. We encourage them towards challenging, yet attainable goals.

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