Weak Self vs. Strong Self

by Duncan Richardson (Founder)

Do you have a Weak Self and a Strong Self? Here's a FACT... we all have an argument that takes place on a daily basis and it's with our weak self and our strong self!

For adults, the argument may sound like this-

Strong Self: C'mon, let's go workout! 
Weak Self: But, you're already home, you're comfy, dinner needs to be prepared.  Besides, you can go tomorrow.

Who is going to win this argument?

Here's what a kids argument sounds like- 

Strong Self: I've got to do my math assignment so I don't get a bad grade.
Weak Self: Ugh math! I wonder how my Clash of Clans colony is going? Do you think my buddy is on Minecraft right now? Is The Voice on? My math isn't due until Thursday, we can do it later?

In both my fitness and martial arts classes, I listed a bunch of arguments that we have in our minds between our Strong Self and Weak Self. The kids were eating it up.  In fact, in our adult class, the adults were eating it up as well.  I could tell, they were relating.

Everyone was surprised when I told them, "It's okay if the Weak Self wins the argument."  They were like, "Huh?  Did Duncan just say that?" I continued to say, "...Just as long as the Strong Self wins more often."

The lesson is, we need to realize we have these internal arguments and it's okay.  EVERYBODY has them.  Is it possible for the Strong Self to win
every time?  Yes!  It's called burn out!  Kids get burned out, adults get burned out. 

I continued to teach my students that when you are in class, you are probably having an argument.  The Strong Self wants to punch hard, kick high, and train until your muscles become fatigue.  The Strong Self also says, "C'mon, class is only 60 minutes!  Let's bust it to the end!" The Weak Self says, "Ah man!  Let's save our energy. Besides, this burning in my quads from kicking and squatting stinks."

The Strong Self says, "We want to get rid of the midsection, right?  We want to be fit, have our cholesterol in check, and feel great again!"

The Weak Self says, "Let's explain to Duncan that we have this knee thing from 15 years ago and that's why we're resting so much."

The things I was saying were completely resonating with students.  I could tell they knew exactly what I was talking about.  The conversation happens every night eating dinner.  The Strong Self knows that vegetables are king.  The Weak Self just wants to gobble down the yummy stuff.

The moral of the story is to bring awareness to this internal argument.  When it's happening, we can say, "I know what's going on here, and I'm going to make sure the Strong Self wins."

Then, we're going to make sure the Weak Self gets its way every now and then.  Occasionally, the Weak Self makes a good suggestion.  It's typically
called a vacation, a rest day, or a cheat meal.

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